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Jill Gives Back- Supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

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Have you purchased from Jill Yoga? If you have, you might not even realize that you have helped support Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada. Some of you may or may not know that Jill Yoga is a proud support of Big Brother Big Sister of Canada and their Go Girls! Healthy Body, Healthy Minds program. A portion of all sales from Jill Yoga.com is donated to BBBSC.

This month, in celebration of International Women’s Day and in support of Big Brother Big Sisters Go Girls! Program we invited Big and Little sisters to submit a paragraph explaining what makes their Big or Little sister such an awesome role model! They entered for a chance to win an outfit from Jill Yoga. Many entries were received and the winners were drawn!


Congratulations to the winners!

Big Sister Caryan and her Little Sister Jamie of Lethbridge, AB

Big Sister Melissa and her Little Sister Athena of St. Catharine, ON

Little Sister Kaylie and her Big sister January of Ottawa, ON


We wanted to share some of the stories with you!

My Little Sister Is The Best!

The three hours a week I spend with my little sister Athena is time that I look forward to each week! I could not ask for a better little sister, she is respectful, excited and thankful for all of the outings and numerous crafts that we do each week. In the last year I have experienced her going from a very shy, inward child to developing into a confident outgoing young woman. Athena reminds me the importance of giving back to the community, being mindful and always setting a good example. My life would not be the same without her in it, her sense of humor and creativity are unmatched and always bring a smile to my face. I cannot recommend being a big sister enough, it is truly a rewarding experience.”

-Big Sister Melissa of St. Catherines, ON


"My little, Jamie, has been with me for five years. During that time, I have seen her grow from an uncertain and shy young girl into a confident and ambitious young woman. She has overcome many challenges, and she never gives up, no matter the situation. I am regularly left in awe of her maturity, grit, and kindness. I am Jamie's big, her mentor, but she has taught me a great deal about staying strong in the face of challenges, giving the best of ourselves to others, and making the best of every situation."

-Big Sister Caryn, Lethbridge, Alberta


“Hi, My name is Kaylie and my big sisters name is January. We do lots of fun things together. January is a firefighter and I like to do fun activities. January and I do fun things like play basketball, go to the trampoline park, play frisbee, we play mini putt, we went to a sens game, are favourite thing to do is take Zena (the dog) for a walk and play in the park :).

I have fun with my big sister January and I want to try yoga with her

From Kaylie

9 years old.

-Little Sister Kaylie of Ottawa, ON


Thank You to everyone that participated!

Jill Yoga believes in the importance of healthy, active, confident kids. That is why we have chosen to support Big Brother Big Sister of Canada and Go Girls! Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds program.

To find out more about Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada and Go Girls! Go to www.bigbrothersbigsisters.ca

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