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Ways to Keep Active This Winter

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January certainly came roaring in like a lion, didn’t it?! There is no denying that Winter is officially here, and planning on sticking around for a while.

It may be tempting to flock into hibernation mode as the frigid temperatures take over. Trust us – we too – would love for more than anything to stay tucked under a cozy blanket, sipping a cup of hot cocoa in our favourite pair of Jill Yoga jogging leggings and a graphic sweatshirt.

However, the reality is that it is important to remain active!

Did you know that children should participate in 60 minutes of psychical activity a day?

Being physically active reaps many benefits:

  • Helps you sleep better,
  • Improves your health,
  • Builds stronger muscles and bones,
  • Relaxes your mind and body, and minimizes stress,
  • Positive self-esteem,
  • Improves your mood, and
  • Increases your energy levels.

So… how can you go about remaining active in the Winter months?


There are many ways to help keep your family active during the winter. Here are a few:

  1. Go for a Winter Nature Hike.
  2. Build a snowman.
  3. Skiing/snowboarding.
  4. Skating
  5. Toboganning
  6. Public swims at your local recreation centre.
  7. Drop-in sports, fitness or dance programs at your local recreation centre.
  8. Have an impromptu family dance party or dance off at home.
  9. Play a game of indoor chase.
  10. Build a fort.

Whatever activity it is you choose to enjoy with your family, ensure you have fun. AND – if you are heading outdoors be sure to bundle up in WinterProof.

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